I’ll come back to this . . .

In general magic items will be as AD&D 2nd edition with some extra thrown in as needed.

Advanced medicines will be essentially the same as potions in cost and effect although they may be administered differently and weaker/less expensive versions may be available.

Technology will be much like Star Wars with Shadowrun/Cyberpunk style cybernetics added in.

Damage will be similar to AD&D based upon weapon size

Fine = 2
Tiny = 4
Small = 6
Medium = 8
Large = 10
Huge = 12

Powered weapons do double damage and energy weapons do triple damage.

Damage will either be rolled 1d4 or may be set as 1/2 for a partial hit, regular for a full hit, and double for a critical hit. The latter system would remove one more die roll.

Armor will be damage reduction while shields and spell defenses will be deflection. Damage reduction comes directly off of damage while deflection adds to the difficulty to hit.


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