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Advanced Non-Humans:

There are thousands of sapient species in the galaxy, so rather than try to list every type a simple generation rules structure will be used. This is open to a lot of interpretation, so GM consultation will still be needed. Players should come up with a story for the alien or genetic creation; if an alien a home planet and if a genetic creation what company made them and what they were intended for.

Base Attributes are 1-8 range, with one advanced attribute going 4-12 range.

Inherent AR costs as a skill, but can’t be increased later.

Resistance to an energy type (1/2 damage) is 10 points (5 points if they take double from the opposed type; or for ten points they can be immune to one if they take double from the other).

A significant power (such as the ability to breath in air and water) would be 5 points

A more potent power (Doesn’t require air at all) would be 10 points

Ability to fly via wings at double base Move would be 10 points (Ability to fly without wings would be inherent magic traits).

Inherent magic abilities are bought as spells, but to specific spells (All Driddles can magically levitate; they still need to pay the 2 stun to activate the power; this is a 2 point racial advantage and they need Arcane 2 or better to use it).

A magic ability that is constant and has no inherent cost would be treated as a combination of the spell and permanency and would need to be a spell that could be made permanent in addition they would lose a point of Body due to the permanency cost (Bendak are naturally invisible for 2+8 = 10 character points and their Body is 1 less than whatever the character puts in the stat).

Even with these rather limiting rules players still need to check with the GM before making a new PC race. There are thousands of species, so the GM really only needs to check for potential game balance issues.

Design Work

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