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Characters begin with 42 attribute points if a normal character, those getting cyborg bodies (replaces REFLEXES, BODY, and HANDLING) get 21 points. Either way it is an average of 7 making them significantly above average ( 5 ).

Starting Character Points

A new character is created with 200 points and is not restricted on how many can be spent on skills or money. A character who wanted lots of gear might take half the money in dollars (1 point is 1,000 dollars, so that would give $100,000 for gear), while another character might spend 100 points on a single skill to ensure they were the best in the galaxy at that one thing. Any amount can be saved for later use, although it then follows the standard training rules for converting character points into skill points.


Humans have no inherent damage resistance, skill bonuses or penalties, and all of their attributes range from 2-10.

Galactic average species have an attribute range of 1-8 in 5 attributes and a range of 4-12 in one attribute. If a species has a notable advantage over humans or other average species there will be a character point cost to choose that species (racial abilities are often lost in the conversion process to Full Cyborg).

Character Creation

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