Maltese Space is a Science Fantasy setting with a mix of advanced technology and relatively common magic. It bears strong resemblance to Star Wars and Spelljammer where technology is advanced and common with a wide variety of intelligent species and supernatural abilities are well known and understood by many.

The rules system is based upon the Interlock D10 used in Mekton and Cyberpunk making combat fast and lethal and putting an ultimate limit on character mastery of any particular skill. I have yet to finish the rules, but wanted to get the site up so I could have a place to post everything as it gets developed.

Technology allows for Space Travel, but communications aren’t FTL making radio chat only viable within the same system. Magic follows similar limitations with dimensional travel being limited to the transitive planes, so to go from one system to another the journey would need to be made in the other plane as well. Spells listing no range limit are limited to within the same solar system.

Maltese Space

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