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The rules should support the setting and allow the players to make the characters they desire rather than dictating which character types are so potent that other types are a waste of time. It will be hard to tell without the playtest, but the goal is to balance things so players can have the characters they want and no advantage overwhelms the system.

The feel is intended to borrow heavily from space opera with action frequently taking place in space or on a variety of planets or even dimensions. I don’t want to go too heavy into dimension hopping, but the occasional trip to hell or limbo seems appropriate for what I have in mind.

Character Creation


The setting will have advanced technology in general with some being more advanced and some places having archaic technology. Robots especially should be common although not necessarily spectacular at any given task (robots are limited to level 3 skill mastery, but can have high attributes in some exotic models). Space travel will also be common with some difficulty in (time and/or money) in landing on planets making space stations a common stop. Flying vehicles will also be readily available making travel generally fast and easy if not cheap. Other noteworthy technologies would be extensive cybernetics, lightweight armor, force fields, and cloning.

Design Work


Magic, aliens, and alternate dimensions exist alongside the high technology, and in some areas are hardly separated. Machines cannot simulate magic, so while a magic sweat shop might be possible true mass manufacturing of magic is still out of reach. There are thousands of aliens, so listing them all would be impractical. Some come from other worlds (traditional aliens) while others come from different dimensions (extraplanar entities or dimensional beings). Some aliens are nearly human while others are so alien that they can’t survive in our dimension. For the purposes of Maltese Space humans who have been genetically manipulated are considered alien speicies even if they still look like normal humans.



Every culture from Earth has survived and joined millions of other cultures existing elsewhere. Characters can come from any cultural background they choose or may create one to fit their background. In theory the Human Alliance (United Nations and various allied planets) is a singular governing body, but in truth all old rivalries and many new ones exist. Some corporations have grown so powerful as to be their own governments, especially on corporate controlled worlds. Crime syndicates have also grown in size and power and expanded beyond Earth to tackle new markets and battle the syndicates of other nations and species. Overall character won’t have a single cultural norm to follow with some areas simulating past cultures and other trying to create completely new cultures that have nontraditional values and expectations. Style is as varied as anything else and characters will likely find places where going fully decked in armor and weapons is normal, places where wearing very specific clothing is expected and places where all clothing is frowned upon.

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