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Magic and Psychic abilities:

The only difference between magic, psychic, and force manifestation is perception. So as to not create an entirely new system magic the basics will be from 2nd AD&D with some things borrowed from other sources as necessary.

Basics of conversion: Attribute modifiers are generally ½ (+2 becomes +1), magic armor becomes deflection.

Learning and using magic/psychic abilities:

A character must invest in Arcane or Faith to learn magic. Each level of skill counts as a caster level and also regulates the highest level spell which can be learned. When a spell is cast the caster takes stun damage equal to the level of the spell cast. If a spell would cause Strength or Constitution loss it effects BODY.

Spells can be read from written works or learned as special abilities. To learn a spell costs as many character points as the level of the spell. Spells learned this way are never lost or forgotten.


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